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Actress Preet Dutta recounts her journey to showbiz

Actress Preet Dutta recounts her journey to showbiz

Model-actress Preet Dutta, who was seen in the music video Tera Main Deewana, comes from Kolkata. She says that her modelling journey started from school itself.
“I come from a joint family background, and I completed my studies in Kolkata, graduating from Calcutta University Behala College. Following my graduation, I pursued a diploma course in Interior Designing. Born and brought up in Kolkata, my educational journey and early career development have been rooted in the vibrant atmosphere of this city and I started modelling from 2013 when I was in school. I did work with many brands,” she says.

Talking about how she got into modelling professionally, she says, “My journey into the world of modelling is deeply rooted in my upbringing and early experiences. Coming from an orthodox joint family background, the decision to venture into modelling wasn't without its challenges.”

She adds, “The pivotal moment that marked the beginning of my modelling career was my participation in the Queen of Bengal pageant in 2013. During my formative years, I had the privilege of receiving early training from my great-grandfather, Dulal Dutta, a distinguished veteran film editor renowned for his work with the legendary Satyajit Ray. Dulal Dutta's influence played a significant role in shaping my understanding of the visual arts. As a child, I would often accompany him to film shoots and dubbing sessions, immersing myself in the captivating world of cameras and the intricacies of the shooting process. The exposure I gained during these early experiences fostered a familiarity with the camera, lighting setups, and various aspects of the filmmaking process. It was during these moments that my interest in the glamour world began to take shape. Recognising my potential and passion, it was my grandfather who provided the crucial encouragement and support needed to step into the world of modelling. Despite the initial challenges posed by the orthodox nature of my joint family, my grandfather's belief in my abilities served as a driving force. His encouragement paved the way for me to overcome obstacles and pursue a career in modelling. The invaluable lessons learned from my great-grandfather's mentorship and the unwavering support of my grandfather became the foundation on which I built my aspirations in the glamorous realm of modelling.”

Talking about the work she has done during this time, she says, “Over the past seven years, I have had the opportunity to endorse multiple brands, including some international ones. In pursuit of larger opportunities, I decided to shift to Mumbai in 2020.”

Meanwhile, talking about her music video, she says, “I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a captivating music video 'Tera Main Deewana' that added a unique dimension to my artistic journey directed by Suman Guha. My co-star for this project was Vipin Bhardwaj. Working with Vipin was a delightful experience, as he proved to be very cooperative. The guidance and support from my director, Suman Guha, were invaluable, especially in moments where I made mistakes. This music video experience stands as a cherished chapter in my career.”

She adds, “My ultimate aspiration is to become an actress. Additionally, I am planning to venture into theatre as part of my ongoing pursuit of artistic expression and growth.”