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Charrul Malik: We're living on autopilot

Charrul Malik: We're living on autopilot

We need to slow down, says actress Charrul Malik while talking about how everyone is running a rat race today. She adds that we need to focus on emotions and the process, rather than the result.

“Life is moving at an incredibly fast pace, and often, we fail to appreciate or pay attention to our own emotions and well-being. We're living on autopilot, forgetting the essential question at the end of the day: why are we living? We should prioritize living happily and engaging in things that bring us joy. When we are happy, everything else in life tends to fall into place. On the flip side, if we're not content, everything seems to go wrong,” she says.

She adds, “I believe it's time to start putting ourselves first—our needs, emotions, and well-being. It's not selfish; it's necessary. If we don't ensure our well-being, we can't achieve anything positive. Taking care of ourselves doesn't mean being selfish; it means securing our own guarantee in today's world. It's time to take control, drive ourselves, and prioritize our own needs. After all, if we don't prioritize ourselves, what are we really doing? Life is a one-time opportunity, and if we're not truly living it, we're cheating ourselves.”

While friends at work are great, they should help us focus more on work, she says. “I believe there's nothing wrong with having companionship or friendship in a work-related context. However, it becomes problematic when our focus is solely on what benefits we can gain from the relationship. Being overly work-oriented and self-centred in our approach to companionship and friendship is not the true essence of friendship,” she says.

She adds, “Friendship is about connecting on a deeper level, where minds and hearts resonate. It's about being on the same page, sharing similar thoughts, and understanding each other without the need for explicit communication. In friendship, trust plays a crucial role, and it's not about strategic negotiations based on personal gain.”

Emotions need time and focus, says the actress. “Exactly, emotional needs, the desire for genuine friendship, and true human love are now missing. Everyone seems to be on a relentless pursuit of success and the right opportunities through the right connections. People want to reach out to those who can be beneficial to them and tend to neglect, ignore, or avoid those who genuinely stand by them. It's really, really sad!”

She adds, “I've experienced this myself multiple times, where people were around only as long as I served a purpose for them. Now that I'm no longer useful in their professional endeavors, they have filtered me out. When I was in the media, highlighting and featuring everyone, they were with me. However, now that I'm an actor and a rival, many have distanced themselves. Out of a hundred people, only around 15 remain genuinely connected to me without any expectations.

It's a strange and sad fact of life. Those who truly understand me have made it clear. Despite this, I've decided to remain the same person I was before. I don't hold expectations from anyone anymore, and as a result, I no longer feel bad or negative. I just want to value the people who have been there for me, are there for me, and will be there for me, regardless of circumstances. I am also there for them. However, the filter has narrowed down to around 15 out of 100, and in the future, it might reduce even further. I can't predict that, but it's a reality I've come to accept.”