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Gurpreet Singh: Maintaining privacy requires thoughtful navigation

Gurpreet Singh: Maintaining privacy requires thoughtful navigation

For a public figure, keeping personal details private can be quite a task, says actor Gurpreet Singh. Gurpreet, who is known for his show Kahiin Toh Hoga and current project Chaand Jalne Laga, says that one needs to be very careful of guarding details one doesn’t want to reveal in the media. 

“It can be very challenging to strike a balance between a public image and personal life when it comes to public figures. Media scrutiny is part of the profession, and maintaining privacy requires thoughtful navigation,” he says.

For him, this process is a well thought out one. “It's a delicate process. I gauge the impact of sharing personal aspects on my professional image and consider the need for personal space. Some details are meant for close circles, while others can be shared selectively,” he says, adding, “There's a fine line between connecting with fans and preserving personal boundaries. Some aspects are sacred and deserve protection. I prioritise mental well-being and ensure that certain details remain within the realm of privacy. A role model in striking this balance would be someone like Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra. He manages to be open about certain aspects while fiercely guarding his private life, maintaining a dignified persona.”

However, he says that things are now changing and the newer generation of actors have become more open. “The dynamics have shifted. With social media, actors have direct platforms to connect with fans, making personal revelations more common. The openness is a reflection of changing times and a desire for authentic connections,” he says.

He adds, “Social media has redefined celebrity engagement. Sharing personal snippets can enhance relatability and fan engagement. It's a double-edged sword, though, as it requires a careful balance to maintain authenticity.”