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Jubin Nautiyal Set to Unveil Groundbreaking project 'Tum Aaye Ho Toh' - A Musical Short Film Extravaganza

Jubin Nautiyal Set to Unveil Groundbreaking project 'Tum Aaye Ho Toh' - A Musical Short Film Extravaganza

Known for his spellbinding voice that has lent magic to numerous chartbuster Bollywood songs, Jubin Nautiyal is set to showcase his versatility as he steps into multifaceted roles within the realm of entertainment. The musical short film, set to feature an album comprising six captivating songs, will not only see Jubin as the soulful voice behind the melodies but also as the lead. 

The musical stars Jubin Nautiyal alongside Shreya Chaudhry, the celebrated female lead of the popular web-series 'Bandish Bandits’. This unique pairing is set to deliver an audio-visual spectacle that resonates with the diverse tastes of Indian audiences.

Sharing the news of this exciting project with his fans, Jubin Nautiyal dropped the trailer for 'Tum Aaye Ho Toh,'.

Jubin Nautiyal says, "I'm thrilled about this project—it's a dream project for me that has been in the making for almost 5 years. It is not an album, it's my life and working on this project has been very emotional and overwhelming for me. A project like this happens once in a while and my fans are in for a treat. This isn't just a cinematic short film; it's a musical journey celebrating unrequited love. I can't wait for everyone to experience it.‘ 

'Tum Aaye Ho Toh' marks a milestone in Jubin Nautiyal's illustrious career, showcasing his versatility and innovation as an artist. The amalgamation of his soulful voice, Rocky's words, and the on-screen chemistry with Shreya Chaudhry is set to create a cultural phenomenon.

This musical odyssey is not just a short film but also a cinematic album that is a celebration of the rich storytelling tradition of Indian cinema interwoven with Jubin's melodic prowess and Rocky’s timeless lyrics. The duo Rocky-Jubin have composed music following it up after the stellar success of their last collaboration ‘Humnava Mere’. 


Excited about working on this project, Actor Shreya Chaudhary said, ‘The story and the music touched my heart and I realised that as an actor there was a tremendous scope to perform. It truly is going to be a film that the audience will remember - and our chemistry, the songs, will be talked about for a long time.’ 

'Tum Aaye Ho Toh' beckons audiences to immerse themselves in a musical journey like never before.

Produced by Radf, this musical is directed by Jyoti Kapur Das and produced by Shivam Malhotra, Guneet Dogra, Shiv Malhotra and distributed by Believe Digital.