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Lohri 2024: Here's how celebs plan to celebrate the festival

Lohri 2024: Here's how celebs plan to celebrate the festival

Rinku Dhawan: Lohri marks the end of the winter season and is a favorable period for harvesting, especially crucial for farmers. Typically, our families gather, and together we offer prayers to the fire. It symbolizes a new year, bringing fresh starts and blessings. The celebration revolves around food, dance and drinks. This year, I'll be joining the festivities in my society, where they celebrate with great enthusiasm and worship the fire. We perform a ritual of walking seven rounds around the fire, uttering a special saying, "Jine mere til sade unne mere pap chade." It holds deep significance for us, being both auspicious and spiritual. I'm eagerly anticipating the celebrations of Lohri and Makar Sankranti.

Nikhil Nanda

Lohri holds various meanings and is highly celebrated in Punjab and surrounding areas. Initially, it marked the end of winter and a prosperous rabi crop. Over time, it has become intertwined with the folklore of "bhatti wala," who heroically saved Hindu and Sikh girls from being abducted and enslaved by the Mughals. Bhatti wala earned widespread respect for his actions. There is even a song dedicated to him and the two girls he rescued, Sundari and Mundari, as a tribute to their memory.

Aneesha Madhok

I am so proud to be a Punjabi Indian and define the culture through my existence and my art as I share my light with everyone else. Lohri is a way I have connected with my grandparents for they are truly rooted in the tradition. We all get together usually at my Nani’s home, dance around the fire burning over the wood and get rid of all negative thoughts. We do that by metaphorically throwing makhana (water Lily seeds) and other dry fruits like peanuts and cashews along with jaggery. Lohri is a time to pray to the God of Fire and ask for blessings for the family and loved ones. The festival heralds the start of harvest season and the ripening of winter crops. As someone who wants to get back to my Punjabi roots and learn farming, Lohri is important to me for it is the start of a new season!

Charrul Malik

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Lohri, a festival that holds a special place in my heart. Since childhood, we have been celebrating this occasion, although here in Mumbai, Lohri is not much celebrated. Lohri, also known as the til-gud festival, marks a day of new beginnings as we pay homage to the fire god. It holds great significance for farmers. We celebrate by offering rewri, gajak, popcorn, and peanuts to the sacred fire as part of the festivities. This annual celebration serves as a connection to our cultural roots. Jaggery, a traditional sweet, not only adds to the festivity but also boasts health benefits. I fondly recall the tradition of tying Lohri with my brother and sister, a ritual that often came with a monetary reward. The festival is adorned with numerous cherished memories for me.

Mohit Kapoor

Lohri festival holds significant importance in Punjab and Haryana. On this day, people express gratitude to God for a good harvest and also wish for an even better one in the coming year. The story of Dulla Bhatti is also crucial to hear on this day. We used to celebrate it with our parents in childhood. In our childhood, we used to go to different people for collection of wood, dry fruits, money etc and then we used to have the ritual in the evening and sing "Sunder Mundriye Ho!" song. This time we are planning to have a small rooftop event. It is customary to distribute sweets, especially til (sesame seeds), gur (jaggery), and peanuts during Lohri. These items are considered auspicious and symbolize abundance.

Angad Hasija

Lohri always meant family time to me. This festival to me is all about positivity, vibrancy, and looking forward to an even better tomorrow. Lohri has always been celebrated in a big way at home ever since I can remember. Gajak that is typically prepared and shared around Lohri is a hot favorite with me. The bonfire is the perfect way to celebrate. We wear colorful clothes. It is an important festival for punjabis. I have fond memories of Lohri.

Sheeba Akashdeep

Lohri is an opportunity for social bonding with family and friends, which gives us a sense of unity and festivity, making it one of the most cherished festivals in India. Lohri to me is like a thanksgiving. My favorite part of this festival is enjoying dishes like Sarso da saag, makki di roti, jaggery (gur), and sesame seeds with everyone because Punjab is famous for its delicious food. On Lohri, it's a good idea to share more yummy dishes and sweets with your family and neighbors. Also, don't forget to sing along to traditional folk music and dance around the bonfire – it makes the evening even more enjoyable!