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Looking forward to seeing people's reactions to Sachin's decision: Kanwar Dhiillon on the wedding sequence in Udne Ki Aasha

Looking forward to seeing people's reactions to Sachin's decision: Kanwar Dhiillon on the wedding sequence in Udne Ki Aasha

Kanwar Dhillon, who is seen as Sachin in Udne Ki Aasha, which is produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary in collaboration with Rolling Tales Production, is looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to Sachin and Sailee’s wedding in the show. In the show, Sailee is supposed to be getting married to Tejas, but due to some drama, she ends up marrying Sachin.
Speaking of the sequence, he said, “The entire experience of shooting the wedding sequence was quite fascinating. I got to know quite a lot of the rituals  that Maharashtrians follow, and I have always been fascinated with Marathi culture. It was a great experience. Yes, this being my first daily soap with a Maharashtrian backdrop, this is my first full-fledged wedding sequence that I have shot. Apart from this, I had done a story for Laal ishq years back, which was in an episode, and I was playing a marathi Gunda in that. I also did a wedding sequence in that, also in the same Marathi culture and attire, but this experience was totally different.”
“Technically, during the wedding sequence, Sachin is mostly doing his own thing outside the venue, and by the time he ends up at the venue, there is a whole drama to the plot. So, however much I shot for this sequence, the main sequence actually was quite nice, it was quite simple and sorted, and there was not a lot of tam jham and too much drama that is scratched for days in particular for wedding sequences, so it was quite nice, it was fun, and it was a good experience, and I got to learn a lot about the rituals of Marathi culture. Apart from that, the entire cast was present, and we were shooting in an outdoor location, and ya, we had a great time,” he added.

Without divulging any more details, he said that the audience will be hooked on the sequence and what’s in store for them after the wedding scenes. He said, “The actual conclusion of the entire wedding sequence and the entire drama that unfolds—and I don't think I would love to mention how it happens, why it happens, and how he ends up marrying Sailee is the  drama of the entire sequence and the conclusion of it, and I want the viewer to see them and decide for themselves whether they end up loving Sachin or whether they end up questioning his decision to marry Sailee.”
“I am naturally looking forward to seeing people's reactions to Sachin's decision, Sachin's determination, and his giving up on his ideologies in life about marriage and love in general for his father, for his family, and for a girl, and I am looking forward to seeing people's reactions,” he added.
Kanwar is very happy with the feedback he is getting for the show. “People are loving Sachin, and people have gotten back to me with such intricate details and minute details that I have put in my character, Sachin,” he said.
“People are noticing, and they have appreciated my efforts in making Sachin different from what Shiva Pandya in Pandya Store was because it was very important for me to break that image. Having done that show for 2 and a half years and 800 episodes, it was very important to break that image and make him indifferent to what Shiva was. So I am really happy for the love and acceptance I got for Sachin and for the love that people are showing to Udne ki Aasha. I am happy with the response; we are already doing well on the rating charts, and with time, I am sure that this show is going to fly higher and win people's hearts over,” he added.
What is the best compliment you have received for your character, Sachin? “People actually think that I am Maharastrian. People actually have started to believe that I am a Marathi guy because when we shoot outdoor schedules and when fans come and interact with me, they start talking in Marathi, so that gives me so much contentment as an actor that I have successfully convinced people that I am a Marathi guy and I am playing Sachin because I am a Marathi guy, so I think that's the best compliment for me as an actor,” he concluded.