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Manish Goplani’s Shravani completes 250 episodes

Manish Goplani’s Shravani completes 250 episodes

There are some shows and characters that will always be special for an actor, and one such project for actor Manish Goplani, it is Shravani on Sheemaro Umang TV. Produced by Do Dooni 4 Films (Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat), the show is standing at crucial milestone of completing 250 episodes

“The show has been very special for me and I am overjoyed at completing half a century in the show. The team has been great and the cast comprises of very supportive artists and a peaceful environment of shooting. I will be completing 54 episodes soon,” says Manish.

Talking about how he connects with the show, he says, “There are very few characters that touch your soul, and this is one of them. The character, I’m playing has a journey of emotional attachment and friendship with Shravani so we (me and the director sir) are taking proper steps after a good discussion for the character for his journey to be portrayed as it needed.”

The actor adds that the role of Rohan is something that comes naturally to him. “I have never been so carefree when it comes to a character. Rohan is someone who is not very challenging to play. However, I wouldn’t say it was absolutely easy too, as he had his own layers. But yes, one thing that I can say with complete conviction is that the graph of this character comes naturally to me,” he says.

Talking about working with Do Dooni 4 Films’ Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat,” he says, “It's a pleasure working with such hard-working yet gentle human beings. They are very friendly which makes it easier for an artist.”

Meanwhile, talking about the changes he has noticed on the small screen. “TV has been a constant part of my life, and nothing much has changed for me. I was learning and I am still learning a lot from it. About the industry, it is, of course, growing day by day technically and the speed of this growth is way faster than earlier which is good,” he says, adding, “It's always like a learning experience in TV the amount of drama we shoot on TV and the technicalities behind has always been a great learning experience for me.”