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Melodic Reunion: "Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2" by Zaara Yesmin & Parth Samthaan Sets the Stage for a Mesmerizing Sequel

Melodic Reunion: "Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2" by Zaara Yesmin & Parth Samthaan Sets the Stage for a Mesmerizing Sequel

Prepare for a musical spectacle as the enchanting duo, Zaara Yesmin & Parth Samthaan, renowned for their on-screen chemistry, reunite in the much-anticipated "Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2." Following the resounding success of the first instalment, the creators are back to captivate audiences once again.

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"Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2" is a reimagined rendition of a timeless classic, bringing the magic of yesteryears into the present. The music video unfolds against the vibrant canvas of a wedding, promising a visual and auditory feast for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

With soul-stirring vocals by Dev Negi & Seepi Jha and a melodious composition by Raaj Aashoo and Aakash Rijia, the song promises to tug at heartstrings and create an unforgettable experience. The directors behind this cinematic masterpiece are none other than the talented duo known as "The Real Emotions," ensuring a seamless blend of emotions and storytelling.

Zaara Yesmin says ” I am thrilled to be a part of 'Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2,' a magical journey that not only celebrates timeless melodies but also rekindles the joy of love and weddings. Collaborating with Parth Samthaan once again has been an absolute joy, and I believe the audience will be enchanted by the beauty and emotions woven into this musical tapestry”

Parth Samthaan says ” Returning for 'Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2' is like revisiting a melody that resonates with the heart. Zaara and I are back to weave the magic of love and celebration. The song's timeless charm, coupled with the enchanting visuals, is bound to create a lasting impact. I'm excited for everyone to experience the joy and nostalgia we've poured into this musical celebration”

Dev Negi says ” Being a part of 'Sabki Baaratein Aayi 2' has been a musical delight. Collaborating with Seepi Jha and the talented team of composers has allowed us to breathe new life into a classic. The song is a beautiful blend of nostalgia and fresh melodies, and I can't wait for the audience to immerse themselves in the enchanting world we've created”

Praveen Kaushal, Head of A& R says ”This sequel promises to surpass expectations and create a lasting impact, continuing the legacy of the timeless classic”

The cult classic was originally sung by the melodious Jaspinder Narula, composed by the music maverick Anu Malik and written by ace lyricist  Majrooh Sultanpuri

The original track was a heart break song portrayed by Urmila Matondkar alongside Salman Khan from the film “Jaanam Samjha Karo”