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Monika Singh: This Valentine’s Day is rather painful for me

Monika Singh: This Valentine’s Day is rather painful for me

While love is a beautiful feeling, encompassing everything around it, it can also lead to excruciating pain when it goes away. Actress Monika Singh says that this Valentine’s Day is the first one after a break up, and she is still healing from the hurt and pain.

Monika, who is known for Tulsi Dham Ke Laddu Gopal, says, “Heartbreaks take time to heal. This Valentine’s Day is rather painful for me because it’s the first one after my break up. I am missing all the love, attention care, and most importantly, the person whom I loved the most. But everything happens for a reason, and I am sure there will be better days ahead,” she says.

She adds, “Love is unconditional and beyond everything for me. My life seems to be hollow and incomplete without love. It's a feeling that makes my heart skip a beat. But love is not only the romantic kind, right? This Valentine's Day, I might celebrate with my friends as they have been standing with me through so much, my pillars of strength.”

Ask her how she feels love should be celebrated, and she says, “For me, celebrating love is about expressing your feelings and making your loved ones feel special. It could be through small gestures like surprise dates, heartfelt messages, or even cooking their favourite meal. There are many ways by which you can make your partner feel special.”

Love after marriage and before marriage is different, says the actress, adding, “I feel that love takes its own course, and has a life of its own. In my opinion, love after marriage is a deep and stable bond that connects both partners. It's a beautiful journey of growing together and cherishing each other's presence. But, having said that, I also feel that today the concept of love is changing gradually. People are not as unconditional as they claim to be now.”

She adds, “From my experiences in love and relationships, I've learned that communication, trust, and understanding are key. It's important to listen to each other, support one another, and appreciate the little moments that make the relationship strong.”