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NAEMD Josh 2023 Rangostsav- Bharat ke Rang Yuva ke Sang

NAEMD Josh 2023 Rangostsav- Bharat ke Rang Yuva ke Sang

The event saw the presence of Jatin Khirbat, Shakir Shaikh, Shwetaa Khanduri, Ken Ferns, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Namit Shah, Vikas Verma, Pooja Vaidya, Sheela Tiruchi And many more.


In an electrifying showcase of talent and cultural diversity, the students of NAEMD, Asia’s Best Event Management Institute, proudly present the grand finale of NAEMD JOSH 2023 Rangotsav - Bharat Ke Rang, Yuva Ke Sang. This inter-collegiate youth festival, organized by the dynamic event management students of NAEMD, culminated in a star-studded event that left participants and audiences alike with memories to cherish.


NAEMD JOSH 2023 is not merely a festival; it's an energizing experience that sparks enthusiasm and excitement among the youth. The students of NAEMD collaborated as a dedicated workforce, building the event from scratch. This hands-on approach not only honed their event management skills but also provided valuable life lessons through teamwork.


The festival featured a myriad of competitions, pitting the potential, talent, skills, and creativity of students from various colleges against each other. Through three electrifying audition rounds, a spectacular Elimination round, and the Grand India finale, participants showcased their prowess and left an indelible mark.


 NAEMD JOSH 2023 celebrates the rich tapestry of India by showcasing the talents of its vibrant youth. This year's theme, "Rangotsav - Bharat Ke Rang, Yuva Ke Sang," served as a beacon illuminating the diverse shades of Bharat, each vividly reflecting the youthful spirit and dreams of its newer generations. "Bharat Ke Rang, Yuva Ke Sang": The festival's motto encapsulates its essence – an exploration and celebration of the nation's multifaceted traditions, cultures, and values, all viewed through the eager and vibrant eyes of our youth.


The Grand India finale featured an ensemble of celebrities, adding glamour and charisma to the event. The esteemed panel of judges included famous personalities such as choreographers NAEMD Directors – Dr Balkishan Sharma, Pravin Joshi, Vipul Solanki, Bollywood Actor, Luke Kenny , Bollywood Director-  Sajid Samji,  Jhalak Dikh Laja Choreographer Danny Fernandes,  Bollywood Stylist - Ken Ferns,  Reality Tv Star and Actress Divya Agarwal with Apurva Padgaonkar, Television Actor - Ruhi Chaturvedi,  India Voice Over Artist and Actor  - Vijay Vikram Singh, Fashion Choreographer - Shakir Shaikh, India Pop Artist  - Abbey Fizardo,  Stylist - Rehan Shah, Actor Vikas Verma, Subuhi Joshi, TV Actor Manish Raisinghan, Jatin Khirbat, Namit Shah, Harish Moyal and many more 

Participants from across Mumbai showcased their talents, reflecting the vibrant hues of Bharat. The festival not only celebrated the present but also envisioned a dynamic future shaped by the aspirations of our youth.


NAEMD JOSH 2023 Rangotsav Finale was more than just an event; it was a kaleidoscope of creativity, talent, and unity, weaving together the diverse threads of Bharat's cultural tapestry. As the curtains fell on this spectacular celebration, the echoes of "Bharat Ke Rang, Yuva Ke Sang" lingered, resonating with the promise of a harmonious and vibrant future.