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Navin Prabhhakar: I am really lucky to meet the right people at the right time

Navin Prabhhakar: I am really lucky to meet the right people at the right time

Actor Navin Prabhakar needs no introduction. After a long innings in the industry as a standup comedian, Navin has also established himself as an actor. Currently he is busy with live shows across Maharashtra. Talking about his achievements in career, Navin says, “I have enjoyed my profession a lot. Apart from my existence as a successful standup comedian, people also know me as a good actor, an anchor, a voice actor, a dubbing artist, and a dance performer in live shows. I am a great observer, and these things help me grow. I am thankful to Almighty that he made me a stand-up comedian. I get to delve into all aspects of life. Highs and lows are there in every profession and that teaches you and helps you grow.” 

Navin has been a hard working artist right from the beginning and never depended on luck! He says, "I can only talk about myself. You get to observe all the characters, and whenever you get an opportunity, sink it in, learn as much as you can. You will get the remuneration for your learning sooner or later. People are quite impressed with my stand-up comedy shows. Thankful to God for the compliments which I get. I am really lucky to meet the right people at the right time. Also, you should have a good adviser at work who can guide you at the right time. I am grateful for those friends in my life.”
Sharing about his success at work, Navin has a very straightforward approach and says, "Of course, there are drawbacks, but if you keep yourself updated, I think your glittering side gives you that shine. If you get all the glamour in life, then it’s not necessary that you can’t enjoy life like normal people. I feel people give you respect, enjoy your performances, and take selfies. All these are the dreams you have seen. I have immense respect for all the real heroes who work for our society, I respect them a lot, and I salute them. For me, success is being in contact with your friends even if 20 years have passed. Twenty years before the dream that you saw, and today if that is full filled , then it’s success for you. If your relationships are good with everyone, then that’s success for you. If your relatives are happy with you, then that’s success. Success is being healthy and happy. It’s been more than 25 years in this industry, and my experience says that one should respect their time and maintain relationships with everyone. Twenty-five years ago, the promoters/managers that I had are still working with me, and I feel lucky for that. One big lesson I have learnt over the years, you should not cheat, as your name can go down real quick.”