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Social media and digital love have made things so much faster, but also temporary: Anuraadha Tewari

Social media and digital love have made things so much faster, but also temporary: Anuraadha Tewari

Writer-director Anuraadha Tewari feels that people are not ready to physically invest in a relationship and rather prefer keeping it digital or on social media. But she believes that it might be temporary, and unless someone really takes time out to build a relationship, they won’t be able to build one.

She believes that pressures of any kind, professional or otherwise, have nothing to do with making time. She called them excuses, and said, “I mean, there are people who head very large organizations or even nations and still find time for their families while others cannot find time to reply to a text despite having very little to do. So to my mind, it's not pressure of any kind but a larger variety of choices as well as personal freedom that has led to less time for love.”

“Social media and digital love have made things so much faster but also temporary. Hence, people find it too expensive to invest too much time in a relationship, unless it is really worth their while. But how will it be worth your while unless you have invested in it? This is a risk that fewer people are willing to take. Hence, the conundrum,” she added.

She also shared that sustaining love and marriage is always a task. She believes people either didn't realize it or spent their entire lifetimes only handling it. She said, “Because to keep syncing between two individuals and their families can never be easy! But yes, we are living in an era where individuality has begun to take center stage. However, it is still not individuality in its real sense. We have just understood how to turn the lens on ourselves. Both literally and figuratively. But the stage is still that of selfishness, where there is a lot more, I, me, myself." 

"It's still a state of childishness where individuality is used as an excuse for being self-centered. This is bound to affect love and marriage. True individuality, on the other hand, would mean truly arriving at your own voice, your own being. That will automatically make you self-assured and selfless. Which in turn is a great ground for sharing, love, and marriage,” she added.