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Ssudeep Sahir dons the producer’s hat; makes content for Africa

Ssudeep Sahir dons the producer’s hat; makes content for Africa

While he has already extrablished his prowess in the Hindi acting world, actor Ssudeep Sahir is now testing international waters too! The actor who is known for his roles in Woh Apna Sa, Tera Yaar Hoon Main, Ayushmaan, has started a production house with his wife, and the two are creating content for an OTT channel in Africa.

Ssudeep, who was last seen in the show Tera Yaar Hoon Main, says, “It’s not that I have disappeared after that, I’ve just been really busy with things other than acting. My wife, Anantica and I have formed a production company called Trinity. We have been developing content under this banner. In fact, we have already begun our first project and have, hence, been occupied with that since last year. It is an international project and is already half way through, it’s for an OTT platform in Africa.”

Talking about the process of production, he says, “Anantica had already done a project with the platform earlier, this time we were approached to create content for them. We worked together and created something beautiful, which got commissioned instantly. I’ve been writing concepts on and off but Anantica has been very instrumental in bringing out the writer and creator in me. Being a writer herself, she always used to tell me that I’ve got the knack of writing and I should do something about it.


I have loved every bit of creating the characters, the story, the screenplay etc. It’s a beautiful journey and it’s a different feeling to see your characters coming to life. Having said that, once an actor is always an actor, acting is my first love but creating concepts is fantastic too. Our first show is predominantly a young love story based in Kenya.”

Meanwhile, coming back to his acting projects, Ssudeep has something particular in mind. “I would love to play the anti hero. I’d like to play something that I haven’t done before, something that challenges me and forces me to think before I enter the set. My last show was fantastic that way, I loved the character but I want to push the envelope further now and I’m patiently waiting.
It’s a great time to be part of the industry right now. There are so many platforms and so many opportunities for everyone. I feel if you’re talented, no one can stop you now,” he says.