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Writer Anuraadha Tewari speaks about the new song Awargi in Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani

Writer Anuraadha Tewari speaks about the new song Awargi in Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani

Popular show Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani, starring Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Reem Shaikh, and Sanjay Nath is one of the most popular ones today. The show portrays the lives of young law professionals with different ideologies and approaches. Recently a new song was added to the show. Titled ‘Awaargi’, the lyrics for the song has been written by Vimal Kashyap along with Anuraadha Tewari who has also penned down the Story and Screenplay of the Show.

Sharing more details about the song she says,”This is a big turning point for Karan Wahi's Character in the Story. He has been quite a Casanova till that point. But he sees the value of the Girl who waited for him all this while. The purity of her Love has made him realise that he has the courage to finally commit to the relationship. We wanted to say all this through a song and not a scene. Hence it is called 'Virat's Anthem. Dedicated to The Girls who Waits for You.”  Honestly, it's born out of so many such relationships around me.

The music has been composed by Music Director Nikhil Kamath ( of Nikhil Vinay duo fame). We wanted to create a song with an old school melody but sound contemporary. It's the soul of the character. Singer Aditya Narayan sung it and we feel he was the perfect choice for it!

Anuraadha adds, "I sat down with Lyricist Vimal Kashyap who had written an earlier version as a scratch. Because I am the writer of the show, it was naturally easy for me to word the thoughts better. I know my Character inside out. That is how the hook and the mukhda came about. My thought was to express the surprise of a man who has never experienced  love before. And his confession that he has been an 'awaara' lover boy before this. The fact that he has been won over by the girl’s purity is making him humble and  emotional. It’s a moment of inner transformation. That's what we wanted to capture in words.”

The show has two of the most good looking actors of the industry and their casting has been a great reason for the popularity of the show. Regarding the visual presentation of the song Anuraadha shares,”Both Jen and Karan are really competent actors and massive stars on Tv. Their fan base is huge and they beg us each day to keep extending their love story.  This song is dedicated to those fans. It is a sort of recap of their 'situationship'. Karan and Jennifer have not only lived these moments on screen but also made them so real that people have started wanting to get them married in real life!!! But more than that Fans often say that they are healing through this Love Story. This is the most touching thing for all of us. And the entire credit goes to #JeRan!

Unfortunately Original songs are not there for tv shows and webseries anymore, which used to be a trendsetter earlier. On this she says, "Yes that's true. Also there are  songs that sound very  temporary and of no great audio value. But when you work with a Film Music Director there is a different feel to it all. It's a sound that stays. Because they are used to creating Music that is meant to last. Music has always been a great tool in highlighting a storypoint and aiding storytelling worldwide. And in India, we have a tradition of telling stories through music for centuries. Our Cinema is unique because of that. So it's strange that web shows haven’t adapted to that yet. Am sure they will though, sooner than later, as we emerge with our unique voice in the OTT space."