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Green Service Camp Transforms Vehicle Servicing from Burden to Benefits

Green Service Camp Transforms Vehicle Servicing from Burden to Benefits

In celebration of World Earth Day on April 22, 2024, Repair Cafe Mumbai, in collaboration with the not-for-profit organization Sampoorna Samiti and AutoInstitute as a knowledge partner, proudly announces the successful organization of a Green Service Camp in two-wheeler garages across Gujarat states.

Vijay shankar from Sampoorna Samiti say "We extend our sincere gratitude to the garage owners and associations, particularly from Surat, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Patan, Limbdi, and Ankleshwar, for their wholehearted support in this noble endeavor. Special thanks to BikeDost company, whose franchises from Maharashtra, Hyderabad, and Odisha, joined hands for this green cause."

The primary objective of this Green Service Camp was to raise awareness about the manifold benefits of regular vehicle servicing, encompassing environmental, social, economic, and health advantages.

A total of 71 garages across Gujarat and other states of India participated in this initiative, resulting in over 800 vehicles being serviced and repaired with a green mindset over the course of two days. This campaign is projected to save almost 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions, with a significant ₹4000 saving in petrol costs due to improved mileage. Additionally, a reduction of 36 litres of petrol consumption translates to substantial savings in the nation's energy bill, contributing to both environmental conservation and economic prosperity.

Through this camp, we aim to convey a powerful message to society: that properly maintained vehicles not only offer economic and health benefits but also contribute to environmental sustainability, making each vehicle servicing an act of service to the nation and a step towards reduced pollution.

Furthermore, this campaign serves as a positive reinforcement for customers, highlighting the pivotal role of mechanics in environmental preservation.

Members of garage owners' associations from across Gujarat state have expressed their happiness and pride in being part of the movement to safeguard the environment, emphasizing the significance of their contribution.

Dr. Patanwala from AutoInstitute remarked, "This Service Camp serves as a nudge for behavioral changes among mechanics, as their right mindset will save our planet Earth and economy."

According to vehicle owner Dr. Kunal, "I have been servicing my vehicle regularly for the past 15 years, but today, understanding the benefits of servicing has left me feeling excited, knowing that I have been contributing to Earth's preservation all along."

Repair Cafe International, a not-for-profit foundation from the Netherlands, Europe commended the initiative, stating, "What a great initiative! It's heartening to see so many garages willing to participate. We wish you lots of success for this endeavor!"

The government has also mandated regular Pollution Under Control (PUC) checks for vehicle riders, emphasizing the importance of vehicle servicing in maintaining environmental standards.